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CDA Controlled droplet application

Micron controlled droplet application CDA

The secret of an efficient spraying lies in an even and specific droplet distribution.

  • What is it about?

    Most conventional spraying machines employ a hydraulic nozzle which involves breaking up spray liquid by squirting it under pressure through a hole.

    This application method is rather inefficient as it breaks up the spray liquid very unevenly and produces a very wide range of droplet sizes.

  • Standard nozzle

    Standard nozzle



    Very large and very small spray droplets are both wasteful - the large ones end up on the ground whereas the small ones drift wasting much of the spray and contaminating the environment.

  • This inefficiency means that hydraulic nozzle sprayers have to use much more spray liquid than is actually necessary to do the job.

    To fetch, carry and spray this extra liquid costs time, effort and money for both the small farmer in the developing world carrying out most jobs manually or the large mechanised western farmer.

Micron CDA real case comparison

Real case comparison

Pioneered by Micron Group, Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) produces only the optimum sizes of spray droplet for the particular application. This is achieved by specifically designed spinning disc rotary atomisers which break up the spray liquid very evenly, resulting in a narrow range of spray droplet sizes.

STANDARD MicronMicron
Tank capacity 600 L 60 L
Field area 6.25 ha 12.5 ha
Tank duration 2.5 h 5 h
Volume applied 96 L/ha 4.8 L/ha

Micron CDA advantages

The spinning disc rotary sprayers designed exclusively by Micron Group distribute the spray liquid in an even way ensuring the best coverage.

Operational efficiencies

  • Reduced volume of spray = cost savings
  • Even droplet distribution and size = better control
  • Lightweight sprayers = less soil compaction
  • Less time spent refilling = faster spraying operation

Improved chemical efficiency

  • CDA technology improves target coverage and spray droplet retention
Micron CDA improved chemical efficiency
Micron CDA safer spraying

Safer spraying

  • Less operation errors due to fatigue
  • Less exposure of the operator to the chemical

Less environmental impact

  • Over 90% less drift
  • Reduced chemical and water requirement
  • Lower contamination of soil
Micron CDA less environmental impact
Micron CDA technology

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