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Spray Guard sprayer Micron

Micron Weed Management sprayers provide thorough weed control around trees and shrubs, as well as along fences, paths and buildings.

The Sprayguard model is specially designed for treating olive trees and/or mature trees with herbicides.

All the equipment can be configured according to the customer's needs, with either one or two spraying arms and also with different levels of automation in the adjustment movements.

Sprayer for herbicide treatments in olive trees

Without the need to touch the tree trunk, the farmer can treat the tree in a much more efficient and convenient way, even spraying from both sides of the road.

Double S-guard sprayer with 5 electric actuators for total control of movements, working on a 4x1.35m frame olive tree.

Spray head Spray Guard Micron

Spray head

The working width is 130mm and the recommended speed is between 4-8 km/h.


Check the spare parts of SprayGuard's components

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Tank Sprayguard Micron sprayer

60L tank

The complete units are equipped with a tank system consisting of a 60-litre main tank, an 8-litre auxiliary tank for cleaning the machine and a 15-litre hand-washing tank.

The stopcock system allows you to clean the machine after each application without having to empty the main tank. There is also a lance for cleaning the inside of the main tank once it has been emptied.

Thanks to the ultra-low volume technology, a 60-litre tank can provide an operating range of between 8 hectares for narrow frames of 2.5m, up to 15 hectares when treating with the widest frames of 7m.

Control panel

To regulate the flow rate used, the units are equipped with a sturdy control panel with one or more flow-meters.

Control panel Sprayguard sprayer Micron
Improved hydraulic circuit sprayguard sprayer Micron

Improved hydraulic circuit

The flow passes through the control panel by means of the equipment's new solenoid valve, which has a membrane to isolate the spring and the shaft from the product being used, avoiding any contamination problems.

Patented motor

Ultimately, the product reaches the spray disc, which rotates driven by Micron's new patented motor. It has a special insulation that prevents the product from coming into contact with the motor so as to prolong the life of the motor.

Patented motor Sprayguard sprayer Micron
Electronics Sprayguard sprayaer Micron


The rotational speed of the disc is controlled by the machine's electronics, thereby ensuring that it remains constant. In addition to this function, the electronics also monitor the correct operation of the motor and the tank pump, notifying you in real time of any malfunctions during the operation via the Landrooter software.

Control unit

The control unit can be used to display the Bluetooth connection, switch the pump and spray heads on and off and also move the actuators. The controls vary depending on the number of heads and actuators.

Control unit Sprayguard sprayer Micron

In action

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CDA Technology Micron

With CDA technology

The secret of efficient spraying lies in an even spray droplet size and better liquid coverage on the target.

Invented by Micron, Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) produces only the optimum sizes of spray droplet for the particular application.

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Connect your Micron equipment to LANDROOTER, the software that ensures a precise and correct spray application.

Software landrooter Micron sprayers