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Micron sprayers

More than 60 years counting dropspioneers of CDA

    Spray-flex sprayer Micron
  • Spray-Guard sprayer Micron
  • Spray-dome sprayer Micron
  • Spray-Dome + sprayer Micron
  • Varidome sprayer Micron
  • Weedwiper sprayer Micron
  • Spray-miser sprayer Micron
  • Micromax sprayer Micron


The secret of efficient spraying lies in an even spray droplet size and better liquid coverage on the target.

Invented by Micron, Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) produces only the optimum sizes of spray droplet for the particular application.

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Controlled droplet application Micron sprayers
Landrooter The tool for precision agriculture Micron sprayers

Connect your Micron equipment to LANDROOTER, the software that ensures a precise and correct spray application.


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